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Natural Veneers

Time : 2018-01-05 12:54

Natural Veneers

Natural timber veneer is cut from selected logs which are prepared for production according to the desired appearance, which depends on the feature and structure of the grain.

Natural veneer reflects the species of timber and log from which it comes. It gives a wide range of features which allow wide selection.

In China there are more then 100 varieties and species of veneers, both indigenous and imported. It is natural and not made from anything artificial.

Veneer Products


Typically 48″ x 96″ and 3’x7′ , with some larger and some smaller sizes,CUSTOM-MADE SIZES and THICKNESSES

From North America
Maple, Red Oak, Ash, Birch, Cherry, Walnut, Aspen, Poplar, Sweet Gum, Southern Yellow Pine, Ponderosa Pine, Douglas Fir, White Fir, Spruce, Hemlock

From the South Pacific and Asia 
Kaudamu, Dakua, Kauvula, Damanu, Terentang, Red Canarium, Meranti, Mersawa, Melapi, Agathis, Radiata Pine,Poplar ,Bingtangor,Pencil Cedar ,keruing /gurjan ,(Apitong),Paper Backed Veneer Sheets 

From Africa
Fuma (Ceiba), Okoume, Illomba, Celtis, Koto, Obeche, Khaya, Sapele, Anegre, Chen Chen

From South America
Parica, Sumauma, Amesclao, Breu, Caucho, Pinho Cuibano, Banderra, Amapa, Tauari, Eucalyptus, Taeda Pine, Elliottii Pine, Radiata Pine

Cut-to-Size Veneers

The Wood Veneer Source offers a variety of domestic veneers for the furniture, flooring, skateboards and other products.

Species:White Birch (白桦木),Natural Birch (枫桦),Red Birch (红桦),Sapeli (沙比利),Poplar(杨木), Okoume (奥古曼), Bintangor (冰糖果), Pencil Cedar (铅笔柏),Keruing (克隆),
Red Canarium (红橄榄), Terminalia (榄仁木), Erima (八果),Kaput (山樟), Agathis (贝壳杉), Mersawa (山桂花), Obeche (非洲轻木), Ayous (阿尤斯), Silver Ash (丝光木), Labula (团花), Movingui (黄芸香), Basswood (黄桐)

Grade: A, B, C, D, E,F

Thickness: 0.15mm up to 1.0mm, Tolerance: 0.05mm

Regular Standard Size: 1270 x 2540 mm,1220x2440mm , Tolerance: +25.4mm/-0mm,Custom-MADE sizes are upon request.

M/C: 15% Max

Please contact us with your inquiries and for more information regarding special veneer products and applications. Contact Us.

Narure Veneer :Gurjan/keruing veneer, plb veneer, okoume/mahogany veneer,
pencil cedar veneer, olive veneer, formica veneer, poplar veneer,kauri veneer,
dillenia veneer, birch veneer, beech veneer,etc.
Recon Veneer :Recon gurjan/keruing veneer, recon okoume veneer,
recon poplar veneer, recon teak veneer, recon sapelli veneer, etc.