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How To Operate Veneer Peeling Machine With Clippier


If you have ordered or have the plan to purchase a veneer peeling and clipping combined machine,

the following steps would help you to know how to operate this machine.


Close all circuit breakers and Turn on the general switch.

Press “Run” button to start the machine.

Click touch screen “Start”.While the power indicator light is on,the device enters the start state,about 60 seconds later, device start completed.

Set the “Press blade” knob to “Tight” position.

Set the “Back to zero”.Click “Back to zero interface” and enter.

Click “Start knife rest back to zero”, the knife rest will go back to zero automatically.

After finishing, the knife rest will go forward and stop at 100 mm position.


After the log fed, press “Roller start” button, the transmission shaft will work.

Click “Cutting knife zero returning start” and enter.

Press “Start peeling” button, it will start to peel automatically.

By buttons of “blade carriage forward” and “blade carriage backward”, to adjust blade carriage position.

Set the “Cut feeding” knob to “Auto” position.

If you want to stop peeling ,just set the knob to”Stop Peeling”.



Welcome to watch our Youtube video of the operation instruction