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Veneer Peeling Machine

Features: 1.The machine is the main apparatus in plywood industry. 2. It uses to remove moisture from the veneer. 3.The heat medium can be thermo oil and heat steam. 4.The whole machine can be divided into two parts: heating section and cooling section.


We have two types of veneer peeling machine.


1. Non chuck veneer rotary peeling lathe, just one peeling function only.

2. Veneer peeler with clipper,two functions in one.

3. Both machines’ max.peeling core log diameter are the same,500mm.


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CNC Non Spindle Veneer Peeling Lathe
Model HXQ2700 HXQ2000 HXQ1500
Working diameter Φ500 mm Φ500 mm Φ500 mm
Max. working length 2600 mm 2000 mm 1350 mm
Veneer thickness 0.5-3.0 mm 0.5-3.0 mm 0.5-3.0 mm
Log-core diameter Φ 40 mm Φ 40 mm Φ 40 mm
Veneer output speed 30-100 m/min 30-100 m/min 30-100 m/min
Total motor power 52 kw 40 kw 28.1 kw
Overall dimension 5200x2500x1850 mm 4500×2500 x1850 mm 3800x2200x1850 mm
Weight 13500 kg 12000 kg 9000 kg




Spindleless Veneer combined Peeling Machine
Model HXJ1827B/5B HXJ1813B/5B
Working diameter Φ 500 mm Φ 500 mm
Max. working length 2600 mm 1350 mm
Log-core diameter Φ 40 mm Φ 40 mm
Veneer thickness 0.8-3.0 mm 0.8-3.0 mm
Veneer output speed 50 m/min 50 m/min
Total motor power 46.2 kw 34.7 kw
Overall dimensions 5250x2275x1728 mm 4000x2275x1728 mm
Weight 11000 kg 9800 kg




We supply the mill scale solutions for veneer and plywood production, including log handling machines ,

log cutter, log charger, log debaker… veneer making machines, veneer peeler, clipper, veneer dryer…

plywood making machines, glue spreader, cold press, hot press, plywood trimming saw…

And other plywood machines, veneer composer, plywood sanding machine, plywood sorting line,

plywood putty line, plywood turn over machine, knife grinder etc.,




Hanvy plywood machines are widely sold to over 60 countries so far,such as

Turkey,Russia,Poland,Germany,Brazil,Ukraine,Mexico,Australia,Southeast Asia,African,US,etc.

1 Year warranty for all machines,sit installation and commissioning service provided by our professional engineering team.



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