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Veneer Drying Machine

Features: 1.The machine is the main apparatus in plywood industry. 2. It uses to remove moisture from the veneer. 3.The heat medium can be thermo oil and heat steam. 4.The whole machine can be divided into two parts: heating section and cooling section.


Veneer drying is one of the most crucial phases of veneer production. The main objective of the drying process is to produce high-quality optimally dried veneer sheets with the highest possible efficiency. This is carried out by removing water from the sheet and decreasing moisture content to an optimized level by using hot and humid air inside a dryer.


By choosing industrial veneer drying, you improve veneer quality with uniform drying result. As a result, you get high-quality, even moisture content veneer sheets that are ready to be glued and processed further as LVL beams, plywood, panels, or other end- use products.


Veneer dryer includes mesh, roller and mesh&roller type, can be customized according to your requirements. It is high efficiency, saving energy and improving the veneer quality.


In order to improve capacity ,customers could choose semi-automatic loader and unloader.






Model HDR2-8 HDN3-10 HDN1R2-13
Type Roller Veneer Dryer Mesh Veneer Dryer Net&Roller Type
Veneer thickness 1.5 mm 0.6 mm Net 0.6 mm
Roller 1.5 mm
Moisture 80% 80% 80%
Working width 2800 mm 2650 mm Net 2650 mm
Roller 2800 mm
Deck number 2 3 3
Heating section 2000mm x 8 2000mm x 10 2000mm x 13
Cooling section 2000mm x 1 2000mm x 1 2000mm x 1
Transmission speed 1.5 ~ 15 m/min 3 ~ 36 m/min Net 3 ~ 32 m/min
Roller 1.5 ~ 15 m/min
Drying capacity 2.1 m³/h 4.5 m³/h Net 1.9 m³/h

Roller 3.7 m³/h

Steam consumption 1800 kg/h 2600 kg/h 3580 kg/h
Total motor 77.2 kw 139.5 kw 172.5 kw
Transmission motor 7.5×2 kw 7.5×3 kw 7.5×3 kw
Heating motor 7.5×8 kw 11×10 kw 11×13 kw
Cooling motor 2.2×1 kw (3+4)=7 kw (3+4)=7 kw
Dimension 23307×4080×2884 mm 27675×5200×4400 mm 33680×5200×4210 mm
Weight 34500 kg 71500 kg 92000 kg


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Our veneer dryer has passed TUV Rheinland CE Certification






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