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Hydraulic Log Debarker

Features: 1.The machine is the main apparatus in plywood industry. 2. It uses to remove moisture from the veneer. 3.The heat medium can be thermo oil and heat steam. 4.The whole machine can be divided into two parts: heating section and cooling section.


Hanvy Machinery supplies wide range of log handling solutions to satisfy the needs of our customers.

The log debarker is used for wood log debarking and rounding,is available for both hardwoods and softwoods.

With hydraulic driving feed system, and the theory of non chuck peeling machine,our machine

could support  2 sets of veneer peeling machine work at the same time,which saves 5-6 human.



Main Features:


1) It contains single and double roller, which improves the peeling speed.

2) There is chromeplate on the surface of roller. It Improves the abrasive resistance. There is trunking on the roller surface to improve productivity.

3) The machine has rational allocation power. It reduces cost for users.

4) The driving parts match up accurately. It make sure the machine is stable.

5) The machine uses hydraulic driving feed system. The knife moves fast and the pressure can be seen.

6) The hydraulic station is set reasonably. It uses manual spring restoration reversing valve. It works fast and easy to operate and maintain.




Model HBP1600 HBP2700
Working diameter φ140-500 mm φ140-500 mm
Working length 1400 mm 2600 mm
Rotary speed 47 m/min 47 m/min
Total motor power 24 kw 35.5 kw
Knife size 140×12.7×1600 mm 140×12.7×2700 mm
Overall dimensions 3650x2155x1700 mm 5482x2155x1700 mm
Weight 5875 kg 7600 kg


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